May, 2020

The first recorded organization of the Brussels Griffon in the United States was in 1913. In
1945, the American Brussels Griffon Association (ABGA) was founded in the US. Since then,
the ABGA has been the linchpin in the US that connects the past, manages the present and
plans for the future. We are the primary guardian to protect our breed in the US, and now
must stand to protect it worldwide.

The ABGA wishes to express our concerns and opposition regarding the breeding and
registration changes adopted by the Dutch Government and the Dutch Kennel Club’s (Raad
van Beheer) reckless targeting of brachycephalic breeds in the Netherlands. Implementation of
these extreme regulations will result in producing an animal that is no longer purebred. Their
mandate will significantly change the head shape, and ratio of muzzle to skull and expression,
which are the hallmarks of our beloved breed. The criterion that Raad van Beheer put forth
describes exaggerated conformation, which is not at all desirable or a representation of the
Brussels Griffon.

We fully support all responsible Brussels Griffon breeders and exhibitors in the Netherlands
and stand with the statement of the FCI. In the event the Netherlands change the face of these
brachycephalic breeds, the ABGA will petition the American Kennel Club (AKC) to deny any
pedigrees from Brussels Griffons registered in the Netherlands to eliminate cross

The American Brussels Griffon Association Officers and Board of Governors