About the Breed

What Brussels Griffons Love to do

Many adjectives describe this delightful breed. The Brussels Griffon standard includes: intelligent, alert, self-important, sturdy, square, compact, thickset, short back, and having an almost human expression. It is the face that makes this breed unique.
Griffon enthusiasts refer to them as “Velcro” dogs – always fixed as close to their owners as possible. Known for their complete devotion to their immediate families, they thrive on affection. The Brussels Griffon excels in conformation (the show ring), obedience, agility, rally trials, tracking tests and as therapy dogs. They are wonderful little family members who are comfortable with a hike, romp in the snow, snuggle on the sofa, or taking up most of your bed at night.
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The temperament of the Brussels Griffon

Generally the Griffon is a happy, affectionate, adaptable companion who loves his caretaker best. It is not unusual for a Griffon to be shy with strangers or new situations, and hang with his owner until he warms to what’s new. He barks when someone comes to the door or when appropriate. He doesn’t care for aggressive behavior, and if he can’t escape, he’ll defend himself. It is possible to find some Griffons who are hyperactive, and on the other end of the scale, some who are very mellow even shy. It’s best to visit the breeder and observe puppy and parent behavior. Male or female makes little difference in temperament. If you aren’t the leader, he can develop bad habits.