If you are referring to housetraining the answer depends greatly on you! Consistency and balance in daily routine with plenty of praise is the key.  Sporting, working, and herding breeds housetrain with less effort, and will hold it longer when left unconfined. There are books and pamphlets on house training. Be sure you look into the commitment needed for this BEFORE a dog is purchased. Many breeders will expect you to purchase a crate or exercise pen to use in housebreaking before you buy a dog. If you have a house with carpeting or expensive oriental rugs, it would be foolish to allow a Griffon access where a “piddle” would break your heart. A fenced yard is a must for this breed. If you are referring to obedience training, the answer is yes, if the training method suits the temperament of the dog. This is an intelligent breed, but sensitive. The Griffon will not respond to rough handling, hitting, or excessive shouting. Once a Griffon learns, he needs variety to keep his interest. Training methods that use praise, clickers, treats, and patience work best. Breeders encourage owners to use Puppy Kindergarten classes and Beginning Obedience classes for all Griffon owners as it gives alternatives in disciplining and builds owner confidence in handling your dog.