During the annual dinner during the National Specialty week in March, the ABGA awarded two wonderful ladies the ABGA Lifetime Membership Award. Anne Catterson and Lorene Vickers-Smith have quietly and effectively served the ABGA for many years and have in the process, contributed to every person who has benefited from owning a Brussels Griffon or been a member of the ABGA.

Anne and Lorene joined a small and exclusive group of members who have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to not only our beloved breed but also to our Club.  Their impact on our breed and Club goes back many years and has touched many people.  Those that have attended a Brussels Griffon Judges Education Seminar have been under their watchful eye.  All that enjoy the lovely ABGA Bulletin have enjoyed Anne’s attention to detail. It is the ABGA’s practice to recognize those individuals who impact our Club.  Our sincere appreciation to Anne and Lorene for all they do to enrich our lives!